B. C. Toms and Co

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B. C. Toms & Co, a multinational law firm of Western and Ukrainian lawyers, was the first Western law firm to open a Kyiv office in September 1991. Our foreign and Ukrainian lawyers have excellent qualifications from leading law schools and many years of practice experience, including, in particular, to handle restructuring, reorganisation and bankruptcy law matters.

In particular, we have handled numerous complex debt restructurings, acting for lenders and debtors, including to revise principal amounts and repayment schedules and related equity for debt swaps for major companies in Ukraine and abroad. We have substantial experience representing debtors that are insolvent or threatened with insolvency to reach arrangements with their creditors and restructure to avoid bankruptcy, as well as long experience acting for creditors to collect from debtors and to avoid being defeated by fraudulent conveyances of property to hide assets from creditors. Our lawyers also have substantial experience with sovereign debt restructuring.

Commitment to quality is the cornerstone of our law practice. Our over 28 years of experience in Ukraine give us a significant advantage in understanding the many hidden problems and loopholes that need to be addressed.

The lawyers in our Restructuring, Reorganisation and Bankruptcy Practice Groups lawyers have, for example, handled the following matters:

(1) Advising a creditor on its legal position regarding unpaid obligations and how it can secure its position and prevent assets from being hidden, removed or wasted;
(2) Handling litigation in Ukrainian courts against debtors for unpaid debts and then working with the Ukrainian State Enforcement Service to collect on the judgments;
(3) Advising a manufacturing company on the renegotiation of a loan agreement and restructuring of the loan;
(4) Advising a bank on restructuring its large loan to a real estate investment company;
(5) Advising on a bail-out financing of an important manufacturing company;
(6) Advising banks on the restructuring of a warehouse receipts financing of a commodity trading firm;
(7) Advising a bank on the restructuring of a services company; and
(8) Advising a bank on the restructuring of the floating rate notes of a Ukrainian manufacturing company.