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B. C. Toms & Co, a multinational law firm of Western and Ukrainian lawyers, was the first Western law firm to open a Kyiv office in September 1991. Our foreign and Ukrainian lawyers have excellent qualifications from leading law schools and many years of practice experience.
Commitment to quality is the cornerstone of our practice. Our over 28 years of experience in Ukraine give us a significant advantage in understanding the many hidden problems and loopholes that need to be addressed to eliminate risks in transactions with real estate. In particular, we have extensive experience identifying and resolving the many Ukrainian law problems that can undermine the title or use rights to buildings, leases to and land plots and other real estate in Ukraine, and we have written numerous articles and advisory notes on this that are available to our clients. Our real estate law practice record includes having represented major foreign real estate investment funds and individual investors in a substantial Ukrainian real estate development project, advising multinational companies on issues related to the privatisation of real estate, handling acquisitions of industrial and residential real estate, including of land plots, for Ukrainian and international companies and real estate litigation.

Our real estate law practice group has successfully handled many of the largest real estate transactions in Ukraine, including, for example:

(1) Representing a major European investment fund on the simultaneous acquisition of 40 land plots, including to handle the legal work for their rezoning and consolidation and the construction of a major logistics complex on the site; (2) Handling the acquisition of an approximately 90 hectare site in a series of transactions for the development of a residential complex; (3) Negotiation of agreements for the development, construction and operation of a major international brand hotel in Kyiv in a joint venture with a major Ukrainian corporate group; (4) Advising a major Ukrainian bank on the financing of the development of a major real estate project in Kyiv, including on all mortgage security issues; (5) Structuring and handling the sale of a shopping mall business to a major private equity fund; (6) Advising on and setting up tax efficient structures for real estate developments in Ukraine by an international investment fund; (7) Handling the purchase of a large agricultural industrial complex in Ukraine for a major western agricultural company; (8) Advising a Western agricultural farming company on the leasing of large agricultural land plots; and (9) advising and handling for an Embassy the purchase of 11 properties for use as an Embassy and Ambassadorial residence.