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Our Firm is ranked by the independent KyivPost survey of law firms, as one of the several leading law firms in Ukraine. Our foreign and Ukrainian lawyers have excellent qualifications from leading law schools and many years of practice experience.

Commitment to quality is the cornerstone of our law practice. Our over 28 years of experience in Ukraine give us a significant advantage in understanding the many hidden problems and loopholes that need to be addressed to eliminate risks in Ukrainian transactions for oil and gas and other natural resources as well as for renewable energy. In particular, we have extensive experience resolving the many problems that can undermine licenses as well as title or lease rights to land plots, wells and mines.

We have represented major multinational oil and gas companies and independents for substantial oil and gas exploration, development and production projects, joint venture agreements (including for joint activity) involving state as well as private entities, acquisitions and sales of Ukrainian oil and gas companies, transactions in LPG, oil and gas license agreements and special mining law issues as well as to handle the resolution of important disputes between private parties with the State and state enterprises. We have also assisted with practical commercial advice to set up numerous Ukrainian subsidiaries and joint ventures.

Among the most significant oil and gas and natural resources transactions in Ukraine that we have successfully handled are the following examples:

  1. Handling, including to conduct due diligence, the acquisition of one of Ukraine’s privatelly owned largest oil and gas companies;
  2. Conducting due diligence and handling the acquisition by an important western fund of an investment through a joint activity agreement with a large state oil and gas company;
  3. Advising on the first successful oil and gas project financing in Ukraine, which involved the EBRD and a UK oil and gas company, including to review and, where appropriate, negotiate revisions to this company’s land leases, services contracts, license agreements, etc.;
  4. Advising, beginning in 1993, a major multinational oil and gas company on its exploration projects in Ukraine as well as on certain downstream activities;
  5. Advising a joint venture involving a major French based multinational oil and gas company on its refurbishment of a large Ukrainian oil refinery;
  6. Advising a Canadian exploration company on its various Ukrainian joint activity agreements and its projects based on the exploration and production licensing of a joint venture entity in Ukraine;
  7. Advising a UK oil and gas company, and its securities underwriters, on all aspects of its exploration and production activities in Ukraine, including its oil and gas exploration and production licenses and its contracts for operations and pipeline construction, as well as handling certain restructurings, based on which it raised approximately USD 500 million in an initial public offering, and a subsequent rights issue, on the London Stock Exchange;
  8. Advising a Ukrainian oil and gas joint venture on the sale of interests in its production, including on corporate and tax aspects;
  9. Advising a multinational mining company on the legal issues for its minerals mining joint venture in Ukraine;
  10. Representing a major foreign investor in its acquisition of a Ukrainian oil refinery.