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B. C. Toms & Co, one of the leading law firms in Ukraine, has since it opened its Kyiv office in 1991 developed a substantial intellectual property law and information technology (“IT”) law practice. Commitment to quality is the cornerstone of our firm. Our over 28 years of experience in Ukraine give us a significant advantage in understanding the many hidden problems and loopholes that need to be addressed to eliminate risks in financial transactions.

In particular, we have extensive experience identifying and resolving the many Ukrainian law problems that can impair the scope of intellectual property protection. We also have special expertise in the various related areas of Ukrainian law, such as the laws on publishing, telecommunications, entertainment and advertising that may affect IT business.

Our recent intellectual property law and IT practice includes:

(1) Advising on trademarks for a major international financial services and communications company; (2) Advising on cosmetics protection and licensing to a foreign cosmetics distributor; (3) Providing legal advice on DVB-H and cable television for a multinational media company; (4) Providing legal advice on the protection of designs and other intellectual property for a large real-estate developer; (5) Conducting due diligence and advising on the trademark licensing to a world-wide hotel chain; (6) Advising on shrink-wrap licensing for a major multinational media and entertainment company; (7) Conducting due diligence on intellectual property matters for a large Ukrainian publishing house; (8) Structuring licensing transactions for the computer programs of a leading Swedish software company; and (9) Drafting agreements for the purchase of intellectual property rights for a media company.